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Arena is a free graphic user surface (GUI = Graphical user interface) for chess Engines by Martin Blume (Germany).

Modern chess programs consist themselves today essentially of two
supplementary and totally independently from one another observing units.

A GUI provides for the graphic and technical environment.

The Engine is the heart piece of each chess software. GUI and Engine must converse, must communicate together.

An interface is necessary named, protocol. In computer chess, two protocols have themselves as a "standard" herauskristallisiert.

1st. WinBoard protocol of Tim man (USA),
has delighted for more than 20 years the program developers.

2nd. UCI protocol of Stefan Meyer and Rudolf Huber (Germany),
ca. 4 Years old

Arena is is Compatible to both standard-protocols in version 1 and 2nd end of these statements evident that it gives respectively a supplement to both protocols.

We speak about the WB1, WB2, UCI1 and UCI2 protocol.

The protocols are upwards and upward Compatible and the chess programm is rated #1 and free for download !!

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